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Mike Stern THESE TIMES Bela Fleck CD - 08.09.2017 22:09:00 - 1
Mike Stern THESE TIMES Bela Fleck CD - 08.09.2017 22:09:00 - 2

Mike Stern THESE TIMES Bela Fleck CD

Kenny Garrett Elisabeth Kontomanou Richard Bona Vin Colaiuta

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ESC Records – ESC 4911           2003 / USA

Jazz-Rock : ' Remember (For Bob Berg) ' !!

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Legendary jazz guitarist/composer Mike Stern returns with his 12th album entitled THESE TIMES featuring a special guest appearance by Bela Fleck.
The title of this Mike Stern release seems odd considering that the music herein could have been made any time in the last two decades. The opening "Chatter" delineates the distinctive, angular, funk-bop style that the guitarist pioneered with the Brecker Brothers in the early Eighties. Other tunes alternate between the kind of "world-music" jazz on which his contemporary Pat Metheny has built a career (albeit Stern's is a higher testosterone version), and your basic blues-inflected fusion. His 1999 outing, Play, featured Bill Frisell and John Scofield, and pushed him in some new directions. The follow-up, Voices, began his "world-music" explorations, and though it has been done before, and here again, he does it well. An engaging composer, Stern skillfully integrates vocals by Richard Bona and Elizabeth Kontomanou on tunes like "Silver Lining" and "Mirage." Sidemen Will Lee, Vinnie Colaiuta, and Dennis Chambers all turn in top shelf performances. This type of jazz is certainly popular, but Stern's signature funk skills are what set him apart from contemporaries like Metheny, John Abercrombie, and Bill Frisell. Incorporating some modern hip-hop elements might have stayed truer to that style while more interestingly referencing the tone of these times.

Combine the innovative guitar energy of legendary fusion master Mike Stern with old friends (bassist Richard Bona, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta) and new (saxman Kenny Garrett), and anything is bound to happen. But fans expecting raucous swinging and jamming the whole time may be surprised at the subtle lyricism and exotic explorations that define these times for their hero. Yes, his electric is crackling on the hypnotic opener, "Chatter," but it's in the crazy, exotic context of a Middle Eastern vibe inspired by Pakistani great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (look out, Eddie Vedder!). Jim Beard's jumpy piano, Colaiuta's wild, New Orleans groove, and Garrett's swirling lines provide great support. Once Stern and company have the listener's attention, they can become seductive with more intimate affairs like the Joe Zawinul-influenced "Silver Lining," which features an exotic falsetto vocal by Bona, a former Zawinul Syndicate member who also propels the tune with his increasingly muscular basslines. Bona adds the same touch in a gentler way to the lush romance of "I Know You," featuring a soft-spoken harmony line by guest star banjo great Béla Fleck. This sequence of tunes sets the tone of the rest of the disc, which mixes more Khan-flavored gems (the colorful singalong "Mirage," featuring vocals by Elisabeth Kontomanou), soft ballads, and a sexy midtempo funk number that (gasp!) might translate to the smooth jazz format. Another highlight is the punchy bebop number "Remember," dedicated to Stern's longtime collaborator the late Bob Berg. Perhaps the only drawback is having Garrett on hand but only featuring him on three numbers.



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