REDSHIFT Space Simulation, Solar System - 24.09.2015 10:27:00 - 1
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REDSHIFT Space Simulation, Solar System

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Redshift 1
Original 1994 Release price: $90!
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Product Features
  • Award Winning Multimedia Planetarium software
  • The most impressive astronomy software of 1993 - Sky & Telescope
  • Take a voyage of discovery through the solar system
  • Observe the sky from any point in the solar system
  • Simulate astronomical events over 15,000 years

Redshift Version 1, the original virtual reality astronomy software that set the standard for how we view the universe on home computers. Introduced to the market in 1993, it provides a powerful tool to view the solar system & planets in the present, past, or thousands of years in the future.


The Program
RedShift offers all the features of a normal planetarium simulator. Its stellar database includes stars as faint as the 12th magnitude, giving you around 250,000 stars to explore. Should you tire of stars, you can also explore some 5,000 asteroids, 100 short-period comets, and 40,000 deep sky objects (such as nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies). Using RedShift, you can place yourself anywhere on Earth at any time or in any era, and view the sky as it was (or will be) then and there. The program also takes precession into account; that's the extremely slow wobble of our planet's axis over the millennia.

With the possible exception of the enormous database of stellar objects, you might expect such features from any real life planetarium in any major city. RedShift takes another exciting step: it gives you the ability to observe the night sky anyplace in the solar system within 100 AUs (Astronomical Units, or 93 million miles) of the Sun. Not only can it put you on the equator of any of the planets or several of their moons, it can also put you at any point in space within the solar system. You can watch the universe revolve in real or accelerated time, and take advantage of this unique opportunity to watch a planet as it sweeps by you in its orbit. As a bonus, the CD-ROM includes detailed maps of the Earth, Moon, and Mars, giving you the ability to view the sky from the same perspective as Viking 2 on Mars or Tranquility Base on the Moon, for example.

The program also allows you to record your own still images or QuickTime movies. Take a picture of the sky on your birthday to show friends, or record a QuickTime movie of Venus transiting the Sun to enhance your classroom astronomy lesson.

While other planetarium simulators allow you to view conjunctions and eclipses you already know about, RedShift allows you to calculate when the next ones will appear. Was the Star of Bethlehem really a conjunction of several planets in the night sky of the Middle East? Set it up and you can decide for yourself.

RedShift also acts as a multimedia astronomical encyclopedia. The CD contains the full text of the revised and updated Penguin Dictionary of Astronomy by Dr. Jacqueline Mitton. This text has been enhanced by hypertextual links, additional illustrations, and animation. The dictionary interface enables you to browse around via both the contents and an index.You can also access it by simply clicking on the object the screen that you want to find out more about. A dialog box will appear and give you access to the dictionary among other reports.

Redshift 1 includes:

  • Retail Box
  • Original CD
  • User Guide


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