52.7 cm / 53 cm. M / L, UCI TT Compliant

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 , battery & charger included

Crank Shimano Dura Ace SG.X 52-B

Clits - LOOK KeO Blade Aero

Original Oval system cockpit, seat post etc.’

Race ready, tubes and tires included

1. Front wheel ZIPP 808 NEW

1. Back wheel ZIPP 404 NEW (Continental GP attack)

2. training wheels Shimano RS 11 with continental tires

= total of 4 wheels, see photo

I am 1.70 fits perfectly, that bike is highly adjustable (the cockpit allows a lot of extension for higher person, see FUJI website).

Fast, comfortable & simply beautiful!

See my other options to combine pickup: Wahoo Fitness KICKR Bureau, Tacx FLUX etc.


Go big or go home. The 2017 Fuji Norcom Straight 1.1 time trial/triathlon bike is a time machine built to shave tenths of seconds, if not minutes, off of every ride. As is common practice at Fuji, designers left no avenue of development unexplored, and worked hand in hand with olympic triathlete Matty Reed and pro triathlon champions Sarah Haskins and Cameron Dye to address issues from a pro rider's perspective, and then translate these inputs into arguably one of the fastest bikes on Earth.

The Norcom Straight's C10 carbon frame and FC-330 carbon fork technology represent an amazing jump in stiffness, steering response, and of course, aerodynamics. Norcom was engineered largely in the legendary A2 Wind Tunnel facility in North Carolina, where designers were able to significantly reduce the drag on every yaw angle on the frame and fork, and incorporate the most developed shaping techniques in the industry. The result is an ultra-light, ultra-stiff full monocoque carbon frame with race-friendly adjustable vertical dropouts.

Norcom Straight's designers placed the rear brake cavity directly behind the bottom bracket (as opposed to being on the seat tube in previous bikes), and opted to go with a BB86 bottom bracket which moves the bearings outward on the crank axle, dramatically improving the stiffness of both the frame -- through a greater cross-sectional width at the BB shell -- and the crank itself. The result was a surprising 26% increase in stiffness in the BB area, which to a triathlon or time trial rider equals faster times.

You'll achieve the perfect cadence and wattage no matter the grade or heart rate. Deep dish Oval Concepts 980 carbon wheels and Vittoria Open Corsa CX tires deliver unparalleled performance and aerodynamics. TRP aero TTV brakes deliver modulation response directly from your finger to the wheels to eliminate over-braking while also providing full stopping power.