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Chinese Single Broadsword

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A Primer of Basic Skills and Performance Routines for Practi

leichte Lagerspuren, ansonsten ungebrauchtes Exemplar

Wushu (martial arts) is one of the precious cultural inheritances of the Chinese people. Weapons are a category of Wushu. As Wushu techniques developed, the varieties of weapons increased, and the broadsword became the most important item among the traditional Chinese "Eighteen Military Weapons" or the "Eighteen Military Arts."

This book, compiled by the celebrated Wushu educator Xie Zhikui, crystallizes the rich experience he has accumulated in his lifetime swordplay teaching. career-experience which, through the book, he has presented to Wushu enthusiasts without any reservation. It is a comprehensive textbook covering not only the general knowledge about single broadsword, its basic movements and techniques but also its various routines, elementary and advanced, for performance or for competition..

  • Herausgeber : CBT China Book Trading 1990
  • Sprache : Englisch
  • Taschenbuch : 405 Seiten
  • ISBN-10 : 7119008307
  • ISBN-13 : 9787119008301
  • Abmessungen : 12 x 2.1 x 18.4 cm

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