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Thorn Agram  – Ar Dievu
Naevus  – The Body Speaks
Sonne Hagal vs.  Polarzirkel /  Nerthus
The Lords of the New Church - Dance with
Der Blutharsch  – Live In Copenhagen
Varunna /  Foresta Di Ferro  – Millenni
The Sisters of Mercy Floodland LP Box
The Lords of the New Church - Scene of t
Various  – Europa Aeterna
CAT WAX AXE Co. - 25 Gallons of Paranoia
October Falls  – Tuoni
The Soil Bleeds Black  – Three Living,
END OF GREEN - Void Estate [BLACK] (DLP)
Lux Interna  – Truth And Beauty And All
Camerata Mediolanense /  Pavor Nocturnus
The Soil Bleeds Black  – Lead Into Gold
Waldteufel  – Eines Gottes Spur
Nick Castro &  The Young Elders  – Come
Darkwood  – Schicksalsfahrt
Elli Riehl  – Die Herren Des Waldes
Dawn & Dusk Entwined  – The Hikimori So
Waldteufel  – Rauhnacht
Death In June  – Thè Wäll Öf Säcrificè
Waldteufel  – Sanguis