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Schellack Platten 78 Touren (201-300)

29 sept. 2019 à 10:48
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LivraisonColis courrier B, CHF 7.00
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Schellack Platten 78 Touren (201-300)

Sie bieten auf gebrauchtes Material. Mängel und Fehler werden bestmöglich beschrieben. Die Ware ist in Originalzustand und nicht verbastelt. Gebrauchsspuren sind möglich.

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Die Papierhülle ist nicht passend zum Label, d.h. Platten und Hüllen sind durcheinander

Sie wählen nach dem Kauf eine Platte und nennen den gewünschten Titel

201 RCA Perry Como with Michel Ayres Orchestra Love makes the world go round Mandolins in the moon light Tanzorchester gut
203 London American Recordings Andy Williams It doesn't take very long Butterfly Tanzorchester befriedigend
204 Columbia Michael Holiday Stairway of love May 1st Tanzorchester gut
206 Parlophon The Jonny Dark Worth Seven Easy living i get a kick out of you Tanzorchester gut
208 Decca Max Bygraves The cricket Song We're having a ball Tanzorchester gut
210 Philips Winifred Atwell Rhapsody Rag Five Finger Boogie Tanzorchester gut
211 Embassy John Hanson and Doreen Hume Oklahoma! 1. Peeple will say we're in love 2. Oklahome 1. Oh what a beautiful mornin 2. Out of my dreams 3. The surrey with the fringe on top Filmmusik Sehr gut
212 His Masters Voice Phil Harris and his Orchestra Pray for the Lights to go out Deck of cards Tanzorchester Sehr gut
213 Philips Jonny Ray Endlessy Lonly for a letter Tanzorchester gut
214 Capitol Al Martino Here in my heart I cryed myself to sleep Tanzorchester gut
215 Capitol Les Paul und Mary Ford Just one more chance The Jazz me blues Tanzorchester befriedigend
216 Decca Max Bygraves You need hands Tulips from Amsterdam Tanzorchester gut
217 His Masters Voice The Band of HM Royal Marines Star and stripes march Semper fidelis march Blasmusik Sehr gut
218 Brunswick Danny Kaye The little fidel Part 1 The littel fidel Part 2 Tanzorchester Sehr gut
219 Brunswick Bing Crosby Silver threats among the gold Now is the hour Tanzorchester Sehr gut
220 Philips Jonny Ray Such a night Anorchid for a lady Tanzorchester befriedigend
221 Capitol Den Martin Memories are made of this Change of heart Tanzorchester befriedigend
222 His Masters Voice Alma Cogan The naughty lady of shady lane Mambo italiano Schlager befriedigend
223 Columbia Ruby Murray with Ray Martin Heart beet He's a pal of mine Tanzorchester befriedigend
224 His Masters Voice Malcom Vaughan With your love Small talk Tanzorchester schlecht
225 Decca Winifred Atwell Jubile Rag Gold and Silver Tanzorchester gut
226 Columbia Rosemarie Clooney with Parcy Faith Tenderly Did anyone call Tanzorchester gut
227 His Masters Voice Ronnie Hilton A Woman in love I just found out about love Tanzorchester gut
228 Brunswick Bing Crosby Birth of the Blues The waiter and the porter and the upstairs maid Tanzorchester Sehr gut
229 Philips Guy Mitchell Cloud lucky seven Sippin' soda Tanzorchester Sehr gut
230 Columbia Ruby Murray with Ray Martin Heart beet He's a pal of mine Tanzorchester Sehr gut
231 Capitol Dean Martin That's all I want from you Mambo italiano Tanzorchester gut kleiner Randausbruch
232 Capitol Nat King Cole Faith can move mountains Because you'r mine Tanzorchester befriedigend
233 Capitol Tenessee Ernie Ford You want have to be a baby to cry Sixteen tons Tanzorchester befriedigend sieht bespielt aus, sonst gut
234 Decca Winifred Atwell Cross hands boogie The black and the white rag Tanzorchester befriedigend sieht bespielt aus, sonst gut
235 Brunswick Danny Kaye Bloop Bleep I wonder who's kissing her now Tanzorchester gut
236 His Masters Voice Ronnie Hilton Around the world I'd give you the world Tanzorchester befriedigend Gummiband klebt
237 His Masters Voice Ken Mackintosch Top Gear Three 'D' Tanzorchester Sehr gut
240 Columbia Issy Bonn a Little Boy's Prayer When you lose the one you love Tanzorchester gut
241 Decca Lita Roza with Ted Heath Make Love to me Bell Bottom Blues Tanzorchester befriedigend eine Seite starke Kratzer
242 Columbia Ruby Murray with Ray Martin Softly, softly What could be more beatiful Tanzorchester befriedigend eine Seite Kratzer
243 Rex Primo Scala's Accordeon Band Aunt Sally Film Selection Part 1 Aunt Sally Film Selection Part 2 Tanzorchester gut
244 Decca Denny Dennis Harmonika Orchester Honey But Beatiful Tanzorchester gut
245 Rex Gracie Fields and Sandy Powell Rex Cavalcade of 1937 Rex Cavalcade of 1937 (Contd.) Schlager gut
246 Columbia Victor Silvester Chicago - Quick Step Heart to heart - Quick step Tanzorchester gut
247 His Masters Voice Philip Green Romance White Orchids Tanzorchester Sehr gut
248 His Masters Voice Jack Hilton Around the corner - Fox Trot When it's Springtime in the Rockies Tanzorchester Sehr gut
249 His Masters Voice Ronnie Hilton & Alma it's all been done before no other Love Tanzorchester befriedigend
250 Embassy David Ross Singing the Blues The Garden of Eden Tanzorchester gut
251 Philips Johnnie Ray with The Buddy Cole Quartet Somebody stole my Gal Glad Rag Doll Tanzorchester befriedigend eine Seite starker Kratzer
252 Rex Gracie Fields Old Soldiers never die! Part 1 Old Soldiers never die! Part 2 Tanzorchester Sehr gut
253 Brunswick Francis Craig Bob Lamm Red Rose Near You Tanzorchester befriedigend Kratzer auf einer Seite, spielbar, sonst gut
254 His Masters Voice Spike Jones and his City Slickers Love in Bloom Blowing Bubble Gum Tanzorchester Sehr gut
255 His Masters Voice Spike Jones and his City Slickers Hotcha Corina (Black Eyes) Clink, Clink, another Drink Tanzorchester gut
257 Columbia Mantovani Credimi - Tango Vienna, City of my Dreams - Waltz Tanzorchester gut
258 London American Recordings Slim Whitman Rose Marie We Stood at the Altar Tanzorchester befriedigend schlechte Stelle
259 Parlophon Johnny Dankworth Get Happy Cole Storage Tanzorchester gut
260 London American Recordings Slim Whitman Indian Love Call China Doll Tanzorchester befriedigend
261 Columbia Sarah Vaughan with Percy Feith Mighty Lonesome Feelin' Sinner or Saint Tanzorchester Sehr gut
262 Capitol Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour Riders in the sky Similau (Se-me-lo) Tanzorchester Sehr gut
264 His Masters Voice The Melachrinos Strings Masquerade Poeme Klassik gut
265 Brunswick Russ Morgan The more we are together So tired Tanzorchester befriedigend
266 Rex Jay Wilbur and his Band In a shelter from a shower In town tonight Tanzorchester gut
267 Regal Charles Austin Parker at Wembley Part 1 Parker at Wembley Part 2 Tanzorchester schlecht Randausbruch vor Rillenbeginn, feiner Riss gegen Mitte
268 Columbia Dinicu Laugh, Clown, Laugh Ramona Tanzorchester gut
269 His Masters Voice Jack Harries and his orchestra Good night to you all No more you Tanzorchester gut
270 Decca Donrietta and his Accordion Band Westwind Log cabin lullaby Tanzorchester gut
271 Homocord Symphony-Orchestra Blue Danube Strauss Les patineurs Waldteufel Klassik gut
272 Decca Billy Cotton and his Band Longin for you In love the sunshine of your smile Tanzorchester gut
273 Columbia Organ Solo by Terance Casey (Wurlitzer Organ) Tales of Hoffmann Cavalleria rusticana Klassik Sehr gut
274 Decca Vera Lynn with Woolf Phillips Vera Lynn's Party Sing-Song Side 1 Vera Lynn's Party Sing-Song Side 2 Tanzorchester gut
275 Decca Vera Lynn Soldiers and Air Man of her Majesty's Forces Vera Lynn Sings Side 1 Vera Lynn Sings Side 2 Tanzorchester gut
276 Regal Gerald Adams After my Laughter came thears Mavourneen Tanzorchester gut
277 Parlophon Leslie Hutchinson Moanin' for you I may be wrong Tanzorchester befriedigend
278 Polydor Friedel Hensch und die Cyprys Der kleine Dompfaff Das Försterhaus Volksmusik gut
279 Decca Winifred Atwell and her Piano Band The black and the white Rag Cross hands Boogie Tanzorchester gut
280 His Masters Voice Max Bygraves The little Laplander Meet me on the corner Tanzorchester befriedigend Ausbruch beim Loch
281 Embassy Doreen Hume and John Hanson The King and I The King and I Side 2 Tanzorchester Sehr gut
282 Columbia Doris Day with Harry James The very thought of you I may be wrong Tanzorchester gut
283 Capitol Nat King Cole That's my girl Too young Tanzorchester befriedigend
285 Columbia Eddie Calvert with Norrie Baramor Roses of Picardy Cherry pink Tanzorchester gut
286 Rex Big Bass Sambo John Hare The last around up Good night little girl of my dreams Tanzorchester gut
287 Rex Garcie Fields Garcies Selection Side 1 Garcies Selection Side 2 Tanzorchester Sehr gut
288 Rex Maggie Stott with Wurlitzer Organ When Irish eyes are smiling Sally Tanzorchester befriedigend
289 Decca Vera Lynn There's a ship rolling home Close to you Schlager gut
290 Zonophone Harry Lauder Back, back to where the heater grows I think I'll get wed in the summer Sprache schlecht alte Platte
291 Imperial Lone Star Ranger Eleven more month and ten more days Will the angels play the harps for me Schlager gut
292 Supraphon Mugraueri Krenovic Vladimir Hala Dubrou Noc Mugraurovi Kone unbekannt gut
293 Supraphon Mugraueri Krenovic Vladimir Hala Belounke devcatko Vicekrat nepujdu k studance unbekannt befriedigend
295 Supraphon Mila Spazierova - Hezka / Ota Cermak Az umru, mui milacku Sneni unbekannt gut
296 Ultraphon R. A. Dvorsky A Jeho Melody Boys Ja mam holku sejdrem Tys'me oki amal unbekannt Sehr gut
297 Zonophone Hudba Sokolska Kapelnik Herman Cervena spodnicka Baruska polka se zpevem unbekannt gut
298 His Masters Voice Hudba Sokolska Kapelnik Herman Olga Gabsa unbekannt gut alte Platte, Grammophone Concert Record
299 Zonophone Hudba Sokolska Kapelnik Herman Vyznani Lasky Louceni s vlasti unbekannt gut alte Platte, 1 Kratzer
300 Zonophone Hudba Sokolska Kapelnik Herman Cesticka k milovani, valcik od emilia stolce Na namluvach, valcik od J. Cermaka unbekannt gut alte Platte

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