Zu verkaufen stereo Microphone mir 3.5mm Stecker.

Technische Daten:

Small size and lightweight

Directivity Uni-directional stereo

Reliable electret condenser technology

Silver color matches MiniDisk components

Appearance vogue, with delicate do manual work

High quality microphone for recording on digital media

Gold plug for maximum conductivity and minimum noise

Direct connection to a mobile phone, provides faster, easier recording session set-ups

Plug-in power operation needs no battery and ensures dependability under virtually all conditions


Type: Electret condenser microphone

Left and right channel stereo recording

Sensitivity: 38 ± 3dB

Frequency Response: 100-15,000Hz

Plug: L-shap gold-plat mini plug, 3.5mm

Recommend For:

Recording on Digital Media: MiniDisc (MD), DAT, and NT and so on

Size: 5.5cmx5.7cm/2.17""x2.24""

Color: Black & Silver