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LAUREL & HARDY The Flying Deuces / Aces

24 oct. 2019 à 18:07
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LAUREL & HARDY The Flying Deuces / Aces

Les Conscrits VOST English Français Neuf S Emballage New DVD

LAUREL & HARDY Les Conscrits Flying Aces

VOST Français / English


DVD Neuf Sous Emballage

Brand New Sealed DVD






Audio:  V.O.S.T

Sous-titres: FRANCAIS  


   Acteurs : Stan Laurel , Oliver Hardy , Jean Parker , Reginald Gardiner , James Finlayson

   Réalisateurs : A. Edward Sutherland

   Format : PAL

   Audio : Anglais (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)

   Sous-titres : Français

   Région : Région 2

   Rapport de forme : 1.33:1

   Durée : 67 minutes

   Bonus :



A Paris, après avoir vainement tenté de se suicider par désespoir d'amour, Ollie décide de s'engager dans la légion étrangère et contraint Stan de le suivre. Mais la dure vie de militaire aura tôt fait d'amener l'oubli dans le coeur d'Ollie qui, dès lors, ne voit plus la nécessité de demeurer plus longtemps sous les drapeaux. Les deux amis quittent donc le camp après avoir laissé un mots d'explication sur le bureau du commandants. Repris, ils sont condamnés à être fusillés comme déserteurs...


Les Conscrits - Oliver Hardy - Stan Laurel 

In their first starring feature away from the Hal Roach studios, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy play a couple of fish peddlers from Des Moines on a Cook's Tour of Paris. While stopping over at quaint suburban inn, Ollie falls in love with innkeeper's daughter Georgette (Jean Parker). At Stan's prodding, Ollie pops the question to Georgette, who gently refuses because there is Someone Else. Disconsolately, Ollie decides to commit suicide by jumping into the Seine, insisting that Stan join him in his plunge to oblivion. The boys are halted from this drastic action by the timely arrival of Francois (Reginald Gardiner), an officer in the French Foreign Legion. Francois convinces Stan and Ollie that they'll forget all about Ollie's lost love if they join the Legion, and within a few days our heroes are in uniform at an outpost in French Morocco, where they are promptly assigned to laundry detail. Alas, try as he might, Ollie can't forget his beloved Georgette-until Stan suggests that he pretend to forget so that they can get back in their own clothes and head home. This Ollie does, but not before accidentally setting fire to a mountain of laundry. After leaving behind a rather nasty letter of resignation for their scowling commandant (Charles Middleton), Stan and Ollie pack their bags and head for the airport-where Ollie is reunited with Georgette, who turns out to be the wife of their commanding officer Francois! Sentenced to death for desertion, the boys tunnel their way out of their jail cell and hide out in an airplane, which Stan accidentally sends into flight. After a wild and noisy ride, the plane crashes, leading to the flm's hilarious-and somehow touching--"freak" ending. Officially a remake of Les Aviateurs, a French vehicle for Fernandel and Toto, The Flying Deuces also owes a lot to the earlier Laurel & Hardy Foreign Legion farce Beau Hunks. Highlights include Stan and Ollie's impromptu soft-shoe rendition of "Shine on Harvest Moon", and Stan's lunatic excursion into Harpo Marx territory as he plays a bed-spring "harp". Produced by Boris Morros and released by RKO Radio, Flying Deuces is unquestionably the best of Laurel & Hardy's non-Hal Roach vehicles. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi 

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