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Bees The Secret Kingdom (SP) Kartenspiel

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Jeu de cartes


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Achtung: Dieses Spiel ist die spanische Version (SP). Ein paar Karten haben wenig Text.

Hab das Spiel in den Ferien gekauft, da es noch nicht auf deutsch erhältlich ist. Noch nicht.

Zustand ist einwandfrei.

Verlag: Awaken Realms Lite

Bees: The Secret Kingdom is family game based on Bees. In the game, players will choose between creating a honey card, or playing a flower card to get pollen tokens. This simple game has 2 modes, the first is for families and younger players, and second, the advanced one, is for adults.

The basic rules are really simple – players can draw two Gathering cards and play one of them, or make Honey using their gathered Resources. Playing Gathering cards grants all the players Resources tokens, but the player who was using this card will gain the greatest benefit. Despite the small cooperative touch, this is a fully competitive game and only the player who gains the most points wins.

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