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Battery maltodextrin, 2000g

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Battery maltodextrin is a high quality material made in Europe. It is 100% pure and does not contain any additives or fillers. Maltodextrin is a glucose polymer and while technically a complex carbohydrate, it also has a very high GI (110) which ensures the rapid release of energy. This makes it a good choice for post workouts or a workout, especially when combined with Battery Whey Protein, Battery Creatine and Battery BCAA .

Maltodextrin is a sugar that belongs to the polysaccharides. It is made from starch and gets its name from its formation from dextrose polymers of different lengths. Unlike dextrose, it doesn't taste sweet.

• High GI carbohydrate
• Great source of energy
• Quickly replenishes glycogen stores

Maltodextrin does not occur naturally, it is generally made from rice, corn or potato starch. It is found in many "off the shelf" weight gain formulas, meal replacement products, and protein powders. Because of its ease of use and its relatively neutral taste, it is also used as a "filler" in encapsulated products.

The main advantage of maltodextrin is its use as a weight gain aid, which is why you will find it as a key ingredient in "off the shelf" weight gain formulations. Although it is a high GI carbohydrate, the GI scale is only relevant for ingredients tested in isolation. When combined with other nutrients like proteins and fats, the GI of maltodextrin drops significantly, meaning that the insulin spike occurs over a longer period of time. This means that the insulin surge occurs over a longer period of time. In essence, the use of maltodextrin in weight gain formulas allows essential nutrients, such as: B. protein, to be delivered to muscle cells gradually, rather than all at once.

The best and cheapest way to gain weight is to make your own weight gainer. If you plan on doing this then make sure it has Battery Maltodextrin in it. It's a great source of calories, easy to digest, and mixes instantly.

For use in your own weight gain formula, we would suggest combining 50g of maltodextrin with 30g of Battery Whey.

Because of its ability to generate a rapid insulin spike, maltodextrin is very effective when combined with Battery Creatine, Battery Glutamine, Battery BCAA, and Battery Whey.

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Inhaltsstoffe: Maltodextrin.

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