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Battery Gold EAA, 360g

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We're introducing the next big thing in the sports nutrition market - Battery Gold EAA - an essential amino acid powder that mimics the essential amino acid profile found in whey protein concentrate (WPC), but without a single calorie!

There are 21 standard amino acids, which are divided into two groups: non-essential amino acids that our body can produce itself and essential amino acids that our body cannot produce and must therefore be taken in with the diet.

Battery Gold EAA does not contain any calories, sugar or fats and is therefore an indispensable dietary supplement for people who want to lose weight or limit their calorie intake (e.g. during the definition phase) and at the same time want to maintain or increase muscle mass. During a weight loss diet and reduced energy intake, the body may be deficient in certain essential amino acids as the nutrient intake is reduced. If we cannot provide the body with enough essential amino acids, the body is prevented from producing proteins that it needs to function, which leads to the breakdown of its own tissue (catabolism). In order to prevent this undesirable effect, it is therefore necessary to guarantee the body a regular supply of essential amino acids, with food or with dietary supplements. Battery Gold EAA can help you supply your body with adequate amounts of essential amino acids without consuming any extra calories.

Battery Gold EAA is mixed with water. The result is a juicy, colorless drink to which only natural fruit flavors have been added.

While whey protein concentrate is rather unsuitable for people who have problems consuming lactose, as the lactose is still contained in the protein concentrate, Battery Gold EAA does not contain lactose and is therefore also suitable for people who avoid dairy products and suffer from lactose intolerance.

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