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Battery Creatine Unflavored, 500g

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Battery Creatine consists of 100% undiluted creatine . Creatine is critical to the body's metabolism. It allows for rapid increases in muscle volume and strength , making it the supplement of choice among top athletes. Battery Creatine is suitable for everyone who wants to improve their strength, increase their endurance and enlarge their muscles.

• Rapid muscle growth
• Improvement in regeneration
• Improvement of endurance, strength and explosiveness.

One of the biggest challenges in training is exhausting our energy reserves - this puts frustrating limits on our workouts. Creatine is responsible for keeping these energy reserves in functional order. It is a gift from nature: it occurs in the body and can be increased by eating meat and fish. Unfortunately, given the intense nature of the training, this is not enough.

When you supplement your diet with Battery Creatine , you can recharge your muscles by constantly replenishing these energy reserves for strength, endurance, explosiveness and greater muscle volume.

Creatine is one of the oldest nutritional supplements for active people and has decades of research proving its safety and effectiveness. Scientific studies have shown that all athletes achieve more strength and endurance with creatine, tolerate lactic acid better, recover faster and perform better in their sport.

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InhaltsstoffeVerzehrmenge: 5g (3/4 Esslöffel)Kreatine MonohydratPures Kreatin
5000 mg
4421 mg

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ZUTATEN: Kreatinmonohydrat.

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