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Black & Death Metal

Soulburn - Feeding On Angels
Abominator - Subversives For Lucifer
Chimaira - Resurrection
Legion Of The Damned - Feel The Blade
MORBID ANGEL - Abominations Of
Killswitch Engage - The End Of Heartache
Yyrkoon - Dying Sun
Trauma - Imperfect Like A God
PUNGENT STENCH - Ampeauty [Rerelease]
Obituary - Back From The Dead
Generation Kill - We're All Gonna Die
Black metal is dead (Digi 2 cd)
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IMMORTAL - Northern chaos gods (DIGI)
Armentar - Baptism...
Children of bodom - Blooddrunk
Corpus christii - The torment...
Vociferian - Glorificia...
ROTTEN SOUND - Suffer To Abuse (DIGI)
Grafvolluth - Long...(Digi)
Blood Red Throne – Come Death
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Neaera - Armamentarium
ABORYM - Dirty (CD)
Whispers In Rage THE LAST DANCE CD Goth
Marilyn Manson OMEGA Mechanical AnimalCD
Ritual Carnage - Every Nerve Alive
MORBID ANGEL - Abominations Of
Hecate Enthroned - Miasma
The Human Abstract - Midheaven
Atreyu - Lead Sails Paper Anchor 2.0
Dekapitator - The Storm Before The Calm
AT THE GATES - To Drink From The Night
Commando - Sudden Invasion
Exodus - Another Lesson in Violence
Monstrosity - Rise to Power
MGLA - Exercises In Futility (CD)
Yyrkoon - Unhealthy Opera
Trauma - Archetype of Chaos
Trauma - Determination
MANTAR - The modern art of setting
Elvis Costello & The Attractions 7
Golem - Dream...
Flesh throne - Onsl...
Act of gods - Maat
ALKALOID - Liquid Anatomy (DIGI)
Sludge - Sweet...
Amon amarth - Twilight...
BETHLEHEM - Bethlehem (DIGI)
Your shapeless beauty - My swan song
Mors aeterna - Behind...
Flame - Into...
NOCTE OBDUCTA - Aschefrühling
Way to end - Desecrated...
Dimmu borgir - Stormblast (+dvd)
Bleeding fist - Macabrum...
URFAUST - Ritual Music For The True
Capitollium - Engraved fear
The crown - Crowned...
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