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PEACEMAKER - Native American Heavy Metal

20. Nov. 2018, 13:37
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PEACEMAKER - Native American Heavy Metal

Hard Rock Band Canada Aboriginal - Extremely Rare CD



Native Canadian Aboriginal Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Band

01. Sacred Ground
02. Wiskey Sponge
03. The Other Thin Man
04. Take It Away
05. Running Out Of Time
06. Poser song (You're Still My Rock n' Roll)
07. It Ain't Easy

Instrumentation: Mark Nabess – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar; Jesse Green – Lead & Rhythm Guitar and Chainsaws; Greg Mentuck – Lead & Rhythm Guitar; Donny (Dewey) Ducharme – Four Fat Strings and the Occasional Yelp; Shawn Parenteau – Smashing, Crashing and Generally Being Loud; P.J. Jocobson – Screaming his head off “Take It Away

Peacemaker was a very well known Aboriginal Alternative Rock band during the 90's and many of the bands within the MMM have a connection to Peacemaker simply by friendship and professional acquaintance. The group was a mainstay of the 90's scene in Winnipeg both within the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal club scene as they gigged wherever we could.

The band has since disbanded BUT currently several founding and additional members are finding new success. Three of the members have been recruited by Buffy St. Marie and are currently touring. Two members are currently in a new band and have just been nominated for an Aboriginal Juno award (2012) as well as having received a Manito Ahbee Aboriginal Peoples Choice award as best Rock Group (2011).

Many stories and pictures are out there waiting for colleagues and fans to revisit.

Peacemaker Poster BW L-R

- Shawn Parenteau - Top

-Jesse Green (bottom left) - Mark Nabess (centre bottom) - Donny Ducharme (Right)

Peacemaker in colour: L-R - Jesse Green, Mark Nabess, Donny Ducharme, Shawn

Here's what someone had to say about them:


The Peacemaker Band

Peacemaker was/is a hard rock band from Winnipeg. There was nothin about them on the net so I decided to write a brief synopsis of the band. I wrote about them to the best of my knowledge so forgive me for any glaring omissions. I dont know if they still perform together. There were 2 C.d. releases that I know of: "Peacemaker" and "Reservation Dog". I think they also released a home video called "Sacred Ground".

I liked "It Aint Easy", "Poser Song(You're Still My Rock N Roll)", "Whiskey Sponge" and "Running Out Of Time" off their debut album. The slap bass of "Sacred Ground" Rocks. The C.D. was in the vein of Aerosmith and other hard rockers of this genre. "The Other Thin Man" was also on the C.D. There might have been a couple of more but i dont remember them. In total there were seven songs on this c.d.(edit: Thanx 2 double J for the c.d.!!!)

The song "Reservation Dog" was cool on the latter C.D. release. As was the song with the bass intro(It might have been called "Behind The Bedroom Door"). There was also an exotic sounding song that had a pow wow kinda vibe with the lead singer reciting an abstract poem over it which was cool too. The song titles escape me 'cause I only have a degraded cassette tape of this release that I recorded off a friend along time ago. Other songs titles that I remember are "Andy McKillme", "Come Down"and "Sing".

I dont remember all of the members names but I know there was Mark Nabess(Lead singer, Guitar), Jesse Green(Guitars), and Sean(i could be wrong with the first name) Parenteau (Drums). The bass players(B.U. Vocals) name totally eludes my memory right now.

Oh during one of their shows they were giving away T shirts and cassettes. I managed to catch their debut tape. Which was cool. But I already owned the tape so I taped over my first copy. Funny thing is that someone stole that tape and the only thing that I still have on me is that erased copy after all these years( I recorded a live radio performance of Soul Asylum over it cause I couldn't afford a blank casstte tape at the time. :P) . Anyone have the C.d. so i can copy it ??

Recently M.Nabess performed under the name LittleCrow(Dont know the genre of music he plays now). J.Green has a band named Killah Green(Techno Pow Wow/Hard Rock). I saw ???? Parenteau play drums for someone who I believe was his sister a couple years back.(Country and early eighties rock)(edit:Saw Mr. Parenteau play drums for the Freebird Band sans Fred Mitchell on April 2006). I don't know what the bass player is doing.

Anyways here's the Lyric to "Poser Song"


Poser Song (You're Still My Rock N' roll)

It ends the same way everytime
No use in even tryin'
Just say goodbye
before you start to cry

And when it's time to go
Wont look behind I know
Gonna meet again
someways down the road

And if it takes a lil' time..yeah
Watchin' for your sign
And if I found the time..yeah
You been on my mind

And i'll be back I know
Cuz I could not let you go
You're still my rock n roll

Its raining cold as ice
I got a picture and a smile
Im gonna let it go
before I start to cry

This place it seems so cold
It kinda chills me to the bone
Why did i let you go??
Let you slip away??(Chorus)

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