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Hermes Media 3 Pica Font

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Hermes Media 3 Pica Font

Made in Switzerland(Yverdon), 1962-museums quality!

Rare find!

Vintage from the 1960s

Item details


metal, rubber, plastic, bakelite

EXCELLENT CONDITION(a museums piece!): Vintage working Hermes Media 3 manual typewriter in Seafoam green.

Identical in styling and mechanical design to the Hermes 3000 (often considered the Mercedes Benz of manual typewriters) but without some of the frills, yet still retaining the mechanical precision and soft – some say 'buttery' – typing feel that the Hermes 3000 is known for.

The features that the Media 3 model does not have include:

- tab controls (for facilitating typing columns of text or numbers);

- rear paper support (rabbit ears);

- keyboard touch regulator (for varying tension of keys).

Also, even though the left and right margins are set the same way as on the 3000, on the Media 3 there is no red ribbon strip along the paper bail to mark them. This is really no big deal, since on many typewriters the margin setters are set in the rear and not visible, anyway.

CONDITION: The metal housing is in excellent vintage condition. There are practacly no scratches.

The mint-green plastic/bakelite keys are in excellent shape.

CLEANED AND SERVICED, she types extremely well with even impression and no sticking keys. Carriage glides, bell dings, paper feeds with ease. The rubber platen has been scrubbed; type slugs individually picked clean; essential parts lightly lubricated.

Fitted with the original BLACK-RED RIBBON, this Hermes is good to go! 

Typeface is Pica, 10 characters per inch.

The hard metal CASE COVER which has been given a cleaning is good vintage condition. The spring that moves the open/close latch does function. Handle is intact.

A original USER MANUAL(in German) is included, as well as our own notes.

Typewriter measures approx. 12” x 13-1/2” x 5-1/5” high (excluding the return lever).

Weight: 14 lb. without cover case.

Made in Switzerland,(Yverdon) 1962.

I price the typewriter with care according to the following criteria:

- physical and working condition of the machine;

- reputation of brand and model;

- special distinguishing features (typeface, paint color, accompanying paraphernalia etc.)

- rarity and collectibility of the machine.

Ready for dispatch in 1–2 business days

No returns or exchanges!

But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

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