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E-Commerce business for sale

20. Sep. 2019, 17:18
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E-Commerce business for sale

Website + stock

E-Commerce Business for SALE

Due to an unexpected need to move countries in the coming months, I am selling my freshly opened E-Commerce project.

Vitaslim is an online shop selling vitamins, proteins and other well being products.

The website was opened on the 1st of July.

The current stock value at sale is ~ CHF47’000. Prices are not inflated and are in line with the competition (you can double check it). 

Currently ~200 different products in stock.Some web statistics are uploaded here - if you need something else, please do not hesitate to ask in questions.

Current website is powered by Shopify and can be easily maintained by a non-IT person, since it doesn’t require any special skills.

The only cost to maintain the business is the website, which is around CHF100 / month. (Inventory doesn’t require any special storage conditions, just a cool dry place in the shade)

All products are stored properly and have been recently purchased from reliable suppliers.

The following offer includes: 

  • 2 pallets of inventory (around 500kg) at a sale value of approximately CHF47’000
  • Fully functional and operational website
  • Great domain name and a starting customer base
  • French description written for all products from scratch (description in English is easily obtainable online)
  • Photos for all products (generic images)
  • List of current suppliers

The following listing is great for someone who wants to try e-commerce business on his own or for an existing company that is willing to acquire fresh inventory at a great price. 

You can purchase just the stock, if you do not need the website. 

All products can be delivered to you anywhere in Switzerland for an additional cost or you can arrange a pick up by a transportation company (2 pallets; ~500kg). 

The following stock can be easily imported to a new (or existing website).

For an additional cost - a new website can be set up. 

For any additional information - do not hesitate to ask a question.

The majority of the stock is still packed in boxes from suppliers.

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