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Cathedral Lakes Singers American Pow-Wow

19. Nov. 2018, 15:09
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Cathedral Lakes Singers American Pow-Wow

Native American Music - Unsealed Unused New CD Etat Neuf




This album is a great example of the kind of Native American music performed at regional pow-wows, or tribal gatherings, all across the country. A group gathers around a large ceremonial drum, pounding out an insistent tribal rhythm, singing in unison songs of indescribably power and beauty as dancers moving in time to the music provide accompaniment via bells tied around their ankles. This sacred music is almost overwhelming in its raw, visceral simplicity, with a passionate sound that shoots straight to the soul. The warm, uncontrived transcendance, the shrieking whoops and hollers seem to urge even the most reticent bystander to join in. Witnessed live, this music is among the most uplifting and spiritual you'll ever hear, and the Cathedral Lakes Singers do a fine job of capturing that infectious spirit here.

The Cathedral Lakes Singers include: Jay Begaye (vocals).
Personnel: Wendy Terbasket, Nelson Marvin, Jay Begaye (vocals).

01. Cathedral Lakes Singers Drum Song (6:52)
02. White Eagle (5:46)
03. National Indian Finals Rodeo Prayer Song (7:19)
04. Fancy Dance (5:22)
05. Grand Entry Song (6:24)
06. Graceful War Dance (4:48)
07. Lazy Lead Song (4:53)
08. Windsong (5:48)
09. Eagle Plume Song (5:40)
10. Warrior Victory Song (4:49)
11. Veterans Memorial Song (4:37)

1993 Sound Of America Records

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