Braun Visacustic 1000 Stereo

21. Aug. 2019, 20:38
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Braun Visacustic 1000 Stereo

Projektor Super 8 Film

Vintage Super-8 film projector in sehr gutem Zustand mit nur wenige gebrauchsspuren, siehe Bilder.
Made in 1976 
Super 8 film 
Lens: Will-Wetzlar Vario-Travenon De Luxe Multicoating f: 1.1 F: 14.5-26 mm 
Lamp: 150 W, 15 V, EFR 
Lamp settings: High, Low 
Reel capacity: 180 m 
Projection: forward, reverse 
Projection speed: 16 2/3, 18, 24, 25 (+/- 3/4 fps) fps 
Speed choice: via rotary switch 
Counter: 3-digit, mechanical 
Film loading: automatic input 
Sound: magnetic play on both tracks 
Sound setting: mono, duo and stereo 
Transistorised amplifier 
Amplifier output: 15 W (sinus), 20 W (music power) 
Frequency range: 50-10000 Hz for 18 fps, 50-12000 Hz for 24 fps 
Recording: magnetic recording on both tracks 
Recording level: auto and manual 
Mixing: Possible 
Inputs: Microphone 90.35 mV-70 mV, 1.5 Kohm), Line-in (20 mV-6 V, 47 kOhm) 
Connections: Mic: 7-pin DIN , Line-in: 5-pin DIN plug (European type); 
Outputs: External loudspeaker, Line-out (1.5 V-3.5 V, 47 kOhm), Earphones (8 ohm) 
Connections: External speaker: 2-pin DIN plug; Line-out: 5-pin DIN plug (European type), earphones: 5-pin DIN 
Built-in speaker: No 
Motor: DC magnetic motor 
Power source: 100-130 and 220-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 220 W 
Weight: 11500 g 
Dimensions: 150 (W) x 260 (H) x 290 (L) mm 

Made in Germany by Braun AG Frankfurt/M

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