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Bitmain / Antminer Coupon of USD 250

Angebot beendet | 23. März 2019, 21:51

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Bitmain / Antminer Coupon of USD 250

sofort verfügbar, gültig bis 31.03.2019

Coupon um bei Bitmain Tech vergünstigt Antminer zu kaufen. 

Coupon Value: USD 250.-

Coupon wird an deine Bitmain UserId transferiert, nach Bezahlung auf Bankkonto. Bitte sicherstellen, dass ein Bitmain Konto vorhanden ist auf welches der Gutschein transferiert werden kann. 

Genaue Konditionen bei jeweiligem Antminer Produkt beachten. Normalerweise maximal 1 Coupon und Coupon bis maximal 50% des Kaufwertes. 

Bitmain Coupon Bedingungen im Detail: 

Coupon usage rules: 

1. The coupons will not be issued in cash and cannot be exchanged for cash. They can only be used to deduct the payment amount when you purchase our miners through Bitmain official website. 

2. More than one coupon cannot be used for the purchase of one miner, and total coupon discount applied during checkout should not be more than 50% of the total purchase amount. For the specific usage rules, please check specific product page as reference. 

3.During the purchase process, once a coupon has been selected and the order has been submitted, the coupon is deemed to have been used and cannot be used again, even if such an order is not fully paid. Utilized coupons will NOT be returned once orders are submitted, be the orders valid or not. 

4. Once an order is submitted, a coupon cannot be applied on it anymore as orders cannot be amended once they are submitted. 

5. Coupons can be transferred to other users’ accounts on Bitmian shop. 

6. The amount deducted by the use of a coupon or coupons cannot be invoiced. 

7. Bitmain reserves the right to revoke, change the value or limit the usage of all coupons mentioned above without prior notice. 

8. The coupon is effective from 00:00:00 on the starting date to 23:59:59 on the expiry date. 

9.The afore-mentioned Purchase coupon can only be used for puchases from our Global Home page. 

10. Purchase coupons and Post-sales coupons cannot be used in the same order. 

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