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AKG C-451 E * VINTAGE * Mikrofon-Preamp

12. Dez. 2018, 22:34
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AKG C-451 E * VINTAGE * Mikrofon-Preamp

Mikro NO Audio+Technica, Beyerdynamic,EV,Rode, Shure, DPA

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1 Stk . AKG C-451-e Mikro- Preamp

Made In Austria by AKG

Serial: 504283

Wurde per 02.August 2018 Totalrevidiert durch «Audio Pro Heilbronn»

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AKG C-451 E , Classic RARE Microphone Powering Module in Great Condition !
Serial: 504283

Microphone was totally Revised on 02.August 2018 at the German Distribution "AUDIO PRO HEILBRONN Elektroakustik GmbH"

Repair Document Available

XLR Connector! For use with Regular Phantom Power.

For use with famous CK-28, CK1, CK2, CK3, CK22, CK- 5,... ., CK8, CK9 Capsules !
NO Capsule included ……. See my Other Deals

Description and Applications
This microphone considers new and future oriented technologies . The microphone meets the highest technical standards and will withstand rough handling in studio applications . Special attention has been paid with these microphones to the complete linear transfer characteristics of all transmission parameters . The low inherent self-noise and the high overload point guarantee a dynamic range of these microphones in the order of 120 dB, which is substantially more than figures found in conventional microphones and other associated equipment . The outstanding technical performance is also achieved with all practical loading conditions of different input circuits of associated equipment including the often necessary long cable runs .

Product Features

- Ultra low noise figure (14 dB-A ENL)

- Extremely low distortion ( from 30 Hz to 20,000 Hz)

- Low power consumption ( less than 1 mA)

- 15mm active diaphragm diameter for a good balance between low self-noise and the acoustic properties

- Smooth roll-off at both ends of the audio range for good phase Response

- Carefully designed output stage for driving any load right down to almost zero impedance of long cable runs without detectable deterioration of the output signal

- Constant output impedance over the entire audio range

- To be powered from any standard phantom powering source (acc. to DIN 45596)

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